Exhibition in 2020
20th August to 3rd September 2020

Painting meets branding – an interdisciplinary approach:
Colour Representation And Perception Of The Colour "Green" In Brand Communication And Painting Of National Brand Colours Using The Example Of The National Brand Ireland 

Colours have symbolic, psychological or even political meanings. In painting they are used as the colour equivalent of light, landscape or to organise space. In branding they create identities and are used as brand colour, variety colour or content colour for the perception of brands to express sensory associations or preferences. The human eye sees more green than any other colour, especially when it is green. Green is perceived in many different facets and a variety of moods can be expressed using this colour.

In the tourism industry Ireland is known as the "Green Island". Since 2014, the Irish tourist board “Tourism Ireland“ has been promoting the "Wild Atlantic Way" (WAW) on its German website with 14 photographic lead visuals. 

In her work Prof. Ute Röseler investigates the perception of the brand Ireland based on these campaign leitmotifs. The colours of the photographic motifs are extracted and reproduced in abstract painting in 14 paintings. The perception of the colour green is not only shown here in many facets, but above all in the weighting and interaction with other colours. 

The project is a research project of the Brand University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg (www.brand-university.de)

Dan’s Gallery moves

April 2020

From April 2020 the gallery will open its doors in Cahersiveen, on 4 Main Street, in the lively heart of the city (right next to the QC's). On approximately 55 square meters the gallery offers more space for exhibits, more choice for art lovers and a cosy atmosphere for art enthusiasts. Curious? You’re invited—always Thursday and Friday afternoons.